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Pico is a Flash series created by Tom Fulp, the founder of its home website, Newgrounds. The series revolves around the characters Pico, Darnell, and Nene as they get involved in extremely violent and brutal misadventures. Its most popular entry, Pico's School, was inspired by the then-recent Columbine High School massacre in 1999. Despite its controversial nature, it quickly became a fan favorite at Newgrounds, eventually spawning the series' very own collection and special holiday, Pico Day, which has been celebrated (almost) every April 30th since 2006.

Main Series Pico's School - Pico 2 - Nene Interactive Suicide - Darnell Plays With Fire - Pico vs. Bear - Pico vs. Überkids - Resident Pico - Pico's School: Love Conquers All
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Ghettobots Leroy - Roc - José
Band of Terrorists Gangrene - Sandstorm - El Mandiblo
Neo Goth Punks Damien - Cyclops' cousin - Ozmose - Hanzo
Other Groups Überkids - Penilians - Goth Kids (Pico 2)
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